Latinos in Marin County – Stats

About 41,000 Latinos call Marin County home. Marin residents with origins tracing back to Latin American countries make up 16 percent of the county and should make up about 25% of the population in Marin County by 2050. While the median household income in Marin is $91,529, the county’s Latinos still only have a median income of $48,662. In Marin County in 2018, $117,000 yearly was considered “Very Low Income” according to an article published in SF Gate.

Representation in Marin County

While Marin Latino contribute $500 million annually in business revenue, and pay $38 million in state and local taxes, they are still under represented here in Marin. Marin ALMA encourages electing and appointing bilingual and bicultural representatives to boards and commissions that make local decisions to help equalize the Latino voice here in Marin County.

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