Health and Well Being in Marin County

Ranked the healthiest county in California, Marin is also one of the healthiest counties in the US. However, according to, many of these same indicators across different racial and ethnic groups suggests that not all residents in Marin County experience this high level of health and well-being. Lower education levels are linked with stress, poor health and lowered self confidence. But Marin County is looking up as groups like The Association of Latino Marin Attorneys help the communities where they live and work.

Latinos are major contributions to Marin’s economy. Latinos will exceed 25% of the population by 2050. In the coming years, demographic forecasts indicate that more Latinos will be employed, more Latinos will be business owners, and more Latinos will be making money and spending money in Marin.

If you’re interested in mentoring an upcoming Marin Latino attorney reach out right here on our website.

A Public Community Garden with Heart

Marin County wants equality. In the Canal Community Garden, 92 garden beds are tended by a cross section of community members. The garden contains community beds with areas that are filled with herbs, lettuce or in one case a large bed of strawberries. The beds are tended by volunteers who water and weed them. The annual Canal Community Garden rates are:

  • San Rafael resident fee: $73 full plot; $38 half plot or accessible plot.
  • Non-resident fee: $75 full plot; $40 half plot or accessible plot.

Health through Exercise

Here in Marin we enjoy wide open spaces like almost no where else in the world. While there are free Zumba dance/exercise classes are available across Marin, we also can take a run in the Marin Headlands, or enjoy the beaches free of cost in most cases.

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